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  • Relearn Rotterdam
    2017-08-29 10:00:00
    Published at 29 August 2017

    Relearn is a collective learning experiment with as many teachers as it has participants. It is motivated by the possibility to displace parameters of/for research, studying and learning.

    During the week of Relearn, we work with a set of case-studies, observations, questions or stacks of study material that we call "tracks". Relearn outlines the idea of resetting thinking modes, for a diverse set of approaches that we can reconsider, that come out of the development of our cultures towards and through digital entities.

    While Relearn is an experiment in collective learning, it grows from an interest in Free / Libre Open Source Software culture and practices as a way to address and acknowledge the production processes and frameworks involving technology and cultur

    29th of August - 2nd of September 2017
    Poortgebouw, Rotterdam