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    Bibliotecha, building and maintaining an off-line digital library
    06 July 2019

    Building and maintaining an off-line digital library

    Bibliotecha is a toolkit to maintain local off-line digital libraries. With it, communities can create and share collections of digital publications in their local area. Technically Bibliotecha relies on a small single board computer (such as a RaspberryPi) running free and open source …

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    RecycleReduceReuse and where is Repair Workshop (full)
    22 November 2018

    Over the last couple of centuries rapid changes in technology, economic fluctuation, technological replacement and planned obsolescence have resulted in a fast-growing surplus of (electronic) waste around the globe. An equally growing demand has risen for the re-purposing, repair, disposal and salvaging of this material, generating different methods that each …

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    Inter-Planetary File System unearthed
    01 November 2018

    Off the centralitarian HTTP path.

    In recent years, new peer-to-peer protocols have appeared that attempt to decentralise the transmission of information over the internet. Instead of one central machine delivering information to many others, the focus has shifted to enabling all machines to serve files to one another. The InterPlanetary …

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    In the Beginning ... Was the Commandline
    18 October 2018

    On text, encodings and command lines.

    The command line is a textual interface for the computer, rather than being an 'old fashioned' interface it is a completely different methodological approach to computing. Instead of large visual programs aimed at being 'professional tools', command line tools follow the philosophy of doing …

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    Considerate Cake Confection (full)
    11 October 2018

    In our understanding, food as a commodity finds its most revealing expression in the form of the cake. In this workshop we investigate the history of culinary hegemony by collectively baking a specific sweet recipe that showcases the way we perceive and partake in food today. Not only will we …

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