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    Varia is on street level, on the corner of two streets in Charlois, Wolphaerstraat and Gouwstraat.

    There is a door to enter Varia from both sides, the door on Wolphaerstraat is slightly bigger, it is 84cm wide. There is a small lip of 3cm up and a 7cm down drop to cross the threshold.

    There is a paid parking lot on Gouwstraat, about a 2 minute walk from Varia. The pavement has ramped curbs close to both doors. You can pay for the parking through an app or by using one of the machines that is 3 minutes walking away from Varia (see this map). Paid parking hours run from Monday to Saturday 9:00h - 23:00h, one hour parking costs € 1.80.

    Inside Varia, there is a toilet on the same level, without handrail. There are folding chairs to sit on, a sofa suitable for 2 people, and multiple tables that can be moved around to change the workspace. There is a kitchen that can facilitate coffees and teas, and a small fridge.

    The space has 10 windows on 3 sides of the space, so it is well illuminated with natural light in the day, but you can always be seen from the street. When filled with people the acoustics of Varia can make it quite loud, for groups less than 15 it can be a quiet space to work.

    The space is usually fragance free.

    Do you have any questions or requests regarding accessibility and visiting Varia?

    You can get in touch with us at: info[@]varia.zone.



    80cm wide
    15cm lip

    84cm wide
    3cm up
    7cm down

    Last updated: Thu 17 March 2022