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    Members' rights and obligations

    Varia is a member based organisation.

    Members pay a monthly fee, but also contribute with their time and energy. They join the monthly member meetings and can become part of the board to focus on a series of specific responsibilities. Membership is based on mutual trust and solidarity: if once in a while a member can't contribute to Varia (financially or ortherwise) this doesn't lead to an immediate ban but to a conversation regarding possible solutions, as members are aware that lack of contribution is not sustainable in the long run.

    Members take care of the space, of each other and of visitors (cfr. our Code of Conduct). They can also use the space and organize events, keeping in mind the collective ambitions of Varia and its surroundings.

    Members are often contacted informally by external parties curious about Varia or willing to collaborate. We expect members to be transparent about the opportunities created through Varia, such as project commissions or invitations for a talk or a workshop. When a member generates income through Varia, 15% of it is invested into a (common fund* to support members' initiated activities: concerts, exchange trips, equipment purchases, etc.

    Members have a key to the space. Varia is not a shared studio space, but members can work there. This means they cannot occupy the space with their belongings permanently and have the responsibility to clean after themselves. This is because the space is used for a variety of activities, ranging from screenings to meetings, and a lot more.

    Who can be a member

    Membership can be pursued by those interested in developing a collective approach to studying, modifying and experimenting with everyday technologies.

    Current members have a background in art, design, software studies, musicology, choreography, cooking, theoretical and social practices. New members don't need to have similar backgrounds; what counts is that they are willing to bring their interests and expertise into Varia's collective practice.

    Becoming a member

    If you are interested in becoming a member, feel free to take a look at the priorities and attitude of Varia, found in the Code of Conduct and our Collective Statement as they currently stand. You are welcome to state your interest by getting in contact with us via info@varia.zone or in person, upon which we may introduce you to our application procedure. There are two times in the year where we accept new members: January and July.

    While we are eager to find new peers, we acknowledge that an enjoyable group dynamics is decisive for the inclusion of new members. Currently, we do not have the capacity to add too many new members to the group. We aim to balance the size of the group and the desire of new members to join.

    Last updated: Tue 19 January 2021