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  • Century 21 Calling - Rising to the High-Rise
    2018-05-26 20:00:00
    Published at 02 May 2018

    During our second screening of Century 21 Calling we will take a look at the development of the workplace. What happened to the paperless office? And how did the development of technology impact where and how we work? Is today's situation new or is it just a repetition of the past? Where is the paperless office? What happened to the phone exchange when we cut the cord? What takes place at the office after work? And how do you react to customers when they complain about your product? All of this and more will the answered at the next edition of Century 21 Calling.

    In a series of screenings called “Century 21 Calling”, an initiative started by the collective Save_as and hosted at Varia in Rotterdam, we look at the archival industrial films, corporate informercials, tv reports and historical documentaries that shaped the imagination of tomorrow and hold them up to the light of the present.

    • door: 20:00
    • intro: 20:15
    • screening: 20:30
    • price: Donation