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  • Century 21 Calling - Gone Surfing - Stream
    2020-04-25 21:00:00
    Published at 25 April 2020

    The stream and chat to Century 21 Calling - Gone Surfing can be found here: https://walskaar.com/stream.html

    Everyone is online nowadays, connected to the information superhighway from home, for work, school, education and so much more. But only a few years ago, the idea of doing office work from home was still a new and strange idea. During “ Century 21 Calling - Gone Surfing ”, we are going to explore this concept and take a look at how the communication network has evolved over time.

    Century 21 Calling is a series of screenings initiated by the Save_as collective and hosted normally at Varia in Rotterdam. Together, we take a look at the archival industrial films, corporate infomercials, tv reports and historical documentary of yesterday that shaped the imagination of tomorrow and hold it up to the light of the present.

    This is still an experiment, so expect possible technical issues. We'll stick to the chat for the Q&A this time.

    The stream starts on Saturday, the 25th of April at 20:00 CET and lasts until +/- 22:00 CET