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  • Infinite Outwardness
    2018-05-18 20:00:00
    Published at 20 April 2018

    Since the beginning of time, space has captured the imagination of artists around the world. On the 18th of May varia is proud to present ‘Infinite Outwardness’; a music event based on the bounties of space, where several artists will present their idiosyncratic view on space exploration. Ranging from playable space junk to cosmic toilets, this will be an evening to remember!

    Door: 20:00 Start: 20:30 Price: Donation



    • Erik Debny is one of Belgium's hidden gems. On a time travel from the sixties, this man single-handedly, or together with his band the Shovels, transforms the universe of music as we know it into a trip to the boundaries of sonic belief. He will perform songs from 2016's 'Spaced Out In Outer Space' and his brand new album 'Beat The System'.


    • Wojtek Szustak is an inventive composer from Krakow who works with and around space junk. In preparation of 'Infinite Outwardness' he will conduct a synthesizer junk workshop in Charlois where he will make new electronic instruments from old stuff he finds on the streets. The results will be presented during the event.

    • Niek Hilkmann is a topsy-turvy polymath who conducted an amateur avant-garde orchestra, created a one hundred meter long moving panorama, constructed the Universal Notation Ideal (UNI) system and curated events such as "Will VHS Save The Universe?" and "Floppy Totaal”. During ‘Infinite Outwardness’ he will exhibit the debris of his current projects 'Galaxico; Christmas between the stars' and 'The International Space Disenchantment Research Association'.


    • Joshua Thies is a Rotterdam based artist working predominantly in the field of sound as a jumping off point for new projects. He will present an audible exploration of cosmological phenomena and take us into space via Google’s colonisation of virtual space. Digital and/or virtual mapping of Earth, claiming territory via mapping and viewing Earth from orbit have been the subject of his recent work.


    • Squirrel, Arrow, Bee and Fly is the moniker of the international research designer team that brought you Toilettronic; a stress free toilet experience in space. It is a gamified toilet navigation system for space habitats. During 'Infinite Outwardness' the team will present a musical sequel to this project.


    • DJ Cosmos404 and DJ Naam are household names in the global space DJ scene. In May they will team up to bring you music from the fourth dimension and beyond that will take your mind to another level of conscienceless.

    This event is made possible with the kind support of Popunie Rotterdam, WORM Pirate Bay and of course... varia.