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  • The Key to Casio (and Yamaha too)
    2018-10-12 20:00:00
    Published at 12 October 2018

    In celebration of all casio’s, yamaha’s and other home keyboards worldwide Varia will host an exclusive event called ‘The Key To Casio (And Yamaha Too)’. On the 12th of October we will acknowledge the wonderful things these instruments have brought mankind during the last 50 years; from Casio’s Rapman to Trio’s Dadada!

    The event is comprised of the following elements:

    Dion & The Magic Chords is the lovechild of casio freaks Dion Woestenburg and Griffin Stuip and sounds like the toybox equivalent to your favourite progressive acts, such as Jean Michelle Jarre and Yes. With the help of stunning visuals and a wild arrangement of casio’s and yamahama’s they will bring your mind towards the next level of levitation

    Dion & The Magic Chords on Soundcloud

    ZOONTOON is een Nederlands muzikant/kunstenaar. Hij maakt gebruik van een loopstation en de presets op een kleine zelf bewerkte SK-1 Casio keyboard om te experimenteren met Noord-Afrikaanse ritmes, geluid verstoringen en melodieen.

    M. Klein is also known for his work in Sweat Tongue, Lewsberg, Eklin and his label De Hef. Inspired by Satie and Fauré he decided to compose some minimalist electronic piano compositions. At Varia M. Klein will perform these with the help of his Yamaha PSS-170 and who knows what else?

    Listentomerijn is the pseudonym of Merijn van Ham. What has not been said about him? This renowned Rotterdam DJ will prove his skills once more; this time behind the keys and maybe some drumpads too. What kind of drumpads? Those of the Casio MT205 course! Would you expect anything less?

    Casio Show and tell; Interluding the way, there will be a series of keyboard presentations that showcase the many shapes and sizes these instruments have taken throughout the years. The show and tell will be presented by none other than Lídia Pereira and her assistant, Niek Hilkmann. Want to present a keyboard yourself? Send an email to: info@varia.zone

    Date: Friday, 12 October 2018
    Entrance: 5 euro
    Door: 20:00
    Start: 21:00