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  • Fine Art End Term
    2022-12-13 19:00:00
    Published at 13 December 2022

    📻 Welcome to the Fine Art End Term 🎧

    This radio show presents a collection of audio pieces made by second-year students of the Willem de Kooning Academy Define Art major!

    Tune in and listen to sounds that explore the potential of radio and broadcasting infrastructures as a space for making together, experimenting, sharing work, and making things public.

    Define art poster made by Mar


    KlanKlam ~ Sknipa
    Amand Pierard ~ Dreaming in blue
    Dori Detlaf ~ Tale from above the volcano
    Luna ~ Luna.2
    Vitrinekast Soundsystems ~ Das machine
    Borbála Magdolna Pál ~ The state comes last in line when it comes to taking responsibility for the marginalized
    Louisa ~ untitled
    Renske Maria de Raad ~ alternative universe created by me
    Mar ~ Mar by mar by mar by mar
    Ekko ~ tanpınarın gözyaşlar
    Jessica Kuhn ~ decadence
    Jeancarlo Balootje ~ Lito-1
    Pleuntje ~ The wandering womb
    Emily Browne ~ Waters of the Moon
    An ~ huisruis
    Mariana ~ Le Dordszine
    Vera Costa ~ praying child
    Rijn aka ruimtewisser ~ anti pop song
    Sakhi ~ untitled kuthu sessions

    Big shout out to @boskamp.boskamp for narrating the show! Shout out to his vocal chords!!


    Executive Producer, Script writer, Director - AnikaTheAbsurd
    Audio Producer, Audio Editor & Mixer - Rosa
    Radio presenter - Maurits Boskamp
    Poster design - Mar
    Sysadmin Trainee - DianaDisco

    The Radio Activity gatherings 2022 were facilitated by tutors Yoana Buzova & Artemis Gryllaki

    Date: 13 december 2022
    Time: 19:00 - 20:30 CET
    Location: https://stream.vvvvvvaria.org/