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  • Feminist Hack Meetings
    2020-01-25 17:00:00
    Published at 25 January 2020

    Artemis and Angeliki invite you to join the Feminist Hack Meetings.

    The Feminist Hack Meetings are a series of informal research meetings and workshops that aim to explore the suggestions, urgencies and potentials of feminist hack & tech initiatives. We invite people, who are interested in technology and the processes of shaping it, to discuss and work together in matters of inclusion and exclusion in tech communities, feminist servers and hosting, autonomous communication services, archive and documentation. We will also include hardware and sound explorations.

    A feminist approach to technology takes into consideration the social and political context around it. It pushes the boundaries of technological circles, in order to include gender-diverse people, amateurs, or others who have experienced low or high levels of exclusion in tech environments. They also include cultural, artistic and educational practices that are approaching technology, not as an end in itself.

    The idea started after participating in /ETC (Eclectic Tech Carnival) in Athens, which is a gathering of feminists, who critically use/study/share/improve everyday information technologies in the context of the free software and open hardware movements.

    In this first gathering we will give an overview and an introduction to this series of meetings. We will discuss on how this proposal may grow in time.


    Saturday, 25 Jan 2020

    17:00 - 19:00

    The event image is part of an illustration made by an /ETC member for /ETC Athens 2019