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  • Narrowcast (publication)
    2023-03-09 13:00:00
    Published at 09 March 2023

    Narrowcast publication is out. :)

    Made by the Varia BroadCats team (aka Broadcats ˚ᆺ˚) this publication is a manual that records the history and genealogy of the streaming space of Varia called Narrowcast from around 2020 until 2023.

    You can download the digital publication here


    • About
    • Genealogy
        * Varia’s early experiments
        * Pandemic transmissions (2020-2022)
        * Sharing knowledge
        * Tentacular bridging
        * Mirroring as resistance
        * Streaming with Infrafem (2022)
    • Making of a platform
        * from Narrowcast to Multicast
        * Narrowcast Rituals
        * Narrowcast Dual-Lingual
        Narrowcast Skins
    • Glossary of possibilities: tools and methods
    • Archive of Narrowcast streams
    • Configuration appendix
    • Bibliography
    • Colophon


    Edited by Varia BroadCats: Joana, Luke, Danny, Angeliki

    With the use of octomode, a collective PDF rendering environment made by Varia.

    You can download the digital publication with the active hyperlinks here: https://vvvvvvaria.org/archive/00_Narrowcast/

    Copyright 2023 Varia BroadCats.
    All text and images are licensed under the Collective Conditions for Re-Use (CC4r). You are invited to copy, distribute, and transform the materials published under these conditions, which means to take the implications of (re-)use into account. Read more about the license at https://constantvzw.org/wefts/cc4r.en.html

    The publication was made possible with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL.