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  • Palestine Cinema Days - Stitching Palestine
    2023-11-02 20:00:00
    Published at 01 November 2023

    Date: Thursday, 02 November 2023

    Time: 20:00 - 22:00 CET

    Location: Varia, Gouwstraat 3

    Film Lab Palestine are not able to host their yearly festival this year; “Palestine Cinema Days”, so the film festival will instead be hosted all over the world through different groups.

    November 2nd marks the day the Balfour Declaration was signed, and in an effort to amplify Palestinian voices, we are screening Stitching Palestine directed by Carol Mansour at 8:00 p.m. at Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam.

    Stitching Palestine

    By Carol Mansour, 2017

    Twelve resilient, determined and articulate women from disparate walks of life: lawyers, artists, housewives, activists, architects, and politicians stitch together the story of their homeland, of their dispossession, and of their unwavering determination that justice will prevail. Through their stories, the individual weaves into the collective, yet remaining distinctly personal. Twelve women, twelve life-spans and stories from Palestine; a land whose position was fixed on the map of the world, but is now embroidered on its face.

    Languages: Arabic

    Subs: English