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  • The first expedition Into the Shepard Zone
    2020-10-04 19:00:00
    Published at 04 October 2020

    On the 4th of October you are invited for a visit Into the Shepard Zone. This will be a strange evening, during which the wet, dark and yet undiscovered basement of Varia comes to life and transforms every audible sound into a shepard tone. Meanwhile waiting for the explorers coming back from downstairs we will be listening gently. On the ground floor, we will give them the comfort they need on their return and talk about their experiences. Next to that, a number of acoustic architectural prototypes will be presented as a base for conversation. The project Into the Shepard Zone is based on the phenomenon of Shepard tone. The computer generated version is called Shepard-Risset glissando which gives the listener the impression of a forever ascending (or descending) pitch. It is commonly described as an intense listening experience, leaving the audience anxious or highly excited and tense. It is a very powerful phenomenon because it opens up many possibilities for interactions between different disciplines. Also as an auditory illusion it is highly imaginative: it can be easily illustrated with popular optical examples like the spiraling barber pole, the motion of the corkscrew, or the paradoxical drawings of Escher.

    This will be the first phase presentation of Into the Shepard Zone which is a long-running sound media project of Mate Pacsika, through which he collaborates with sound composer René Thie and architect Iris van der Wal.

    This project is made possible by the generous support of Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industry.

    • When? Sunday, 4th October
    • What time? Session one: 19:00-20:00 and session two: 20:00-21:00
    • Where? Varia, Gouwstraat 3
    • Please send an email in advance to m@shepard.zone to reserve your spot.

    We are looking forward to practice careful conviviality together again! Physical presences will be protected as much as possible by adopting some security measures: max 12 people are allowed in the space with 1.5 meter distance between them. Hand gel and masks are available.