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  • Dear Cultural Intitiative, there is an Elephant in the Room
    2019-04-12 13:00:00
    Published at 12 April 2019

    One of the big contradictions of the scene of self-organised cultural initiatives is that we are extremely reliant on corporate social media when it comes to our digital presence. For example, it seems both unthinkable and inescapable to organise an evening without a corresponding Facebook event, or to plan that evening without Google Docs or coordinating via a Whatsapp group.

    This workshop is a moment for some out-of-the-cloud thinking. Departing from a discussion on this situation and its causes, we will try to imagine and formulate the digital infrastructures that shape our everyday cultural practices and online socialities. The workshop will touch upon alternative tools and approaches, from federated and community-owned social media platforms, to hosting cooperatives, free software philosophy and feminist understandings of the internet.

    Date: Friday 12 April, 13:00h - 17:00h

    This workshop is part of the Autonomous Fabric symposium. http://www.autonomousfabric.org