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  • Woodstone Kugelblitz: Druk in Varia
    2018-11-23 10:00:00
    Published at 23 November 2018

    Some things are more useful to know than others.

    On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of November during Woodstone Kugelblitz: Druk in Varia we will make a Really Useful Knowledge Cookbook. A manual to be more an actor and less a consumer in your day to day affairs. The cookbook brings together recipes and instructions from the practice and theory of daily life.

    This three day convivial book sprint is about exchanging knowledge on analog printing techniques, eating together, sharing of recipes for and from daily life, discussing Really Useful Knowledge, hanging out and editing and designing the publication.

    'What we want to be informed about is how to get out of our present trouble' Poor Man's Guardian

    A Call For Really Useful Recipes!

    For this event we are looking for DIY-advice, tips and tricks, that need to be inscribed in our collective memory as part of this recipebook. We already have recipes about raising toddlers without diapers, blocking online advertising and making of hot sauce based on lactic fermentation!

    All of your recipes for daily life are very welcome!

    These can be submitted just as text or as already designed pages.

    Please send us recipes for the book by email(info[at]varia.zone) or by post (Gouwstraat 3, 3082 BA, Rotterdam) before November 15th.

    You can also submit via this Really Useful Etherpad: https://pad.vvvvvvaria.org/really_useful_knowledge

    About the book sprint

    If you are interested in participating in the book sprint you can also drop us an email (info[at]varia.zone). Please note that to ensure continuity we prefer you to join the full three days.

    We will have the following machines on site:

    • Riso automatic A3 with black and blue ink
    • A0 Roll inkjet plotter
    • A0 Roll pen plotter
    • A4 b/w laser printer
    • Dot matrix printer
    • automatic stencil copy printer -> yellow and black ink
    • manual stenciling machines -> red, green, blue, black ink
    • Fax machine (can be used to make stencil masters)
    • Telex FS200 Teletypewriters
    • Thermal receipt sprinter