Welcome to the � Federation explores alternative federated ecosystems for online services such as social media and chat. It will focus in particular on those software projects whose activities have stimulated new interest for their underlying protocols, such as XMPP or ActivityPub, in part by their focusing on design, language and user experience (UX). The Wtt�F question is to explore how arts and design communities can play a supportive role in these processes by contributing skills, knowledge, time and exposure.

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Wtt�F posts

Wtt�F gatherings

'Mastodon and the Fediverse' - worksession

Saturday, 8 December 2018 (14:00 - 18:00)
@ Varia - Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam

An afternoon Wtt�F worksession on Mastodon and translations.

'Mastodon and the Fediverse' - public conversation

Saturday, 8 December 2018 (20:00 - 21:30)
@ Varia - Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam

A public Wtt�F conversation on Mastodon, the Fediverse and community-owned independent services.

'The Ecosystem Is Moving' - worksession

Saturday, 2 June 2018 (10:00 - 18:00)
@ Varia - Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam

A hands-on dive into the affordances and challenges of Conversations as part of a larger free software ecosystem.

'The Ecosystem Is Moving' - presentation

Friday, 1 June 2018 (19:00)
@ Varia - Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam

An evening on XMPP, federated chat and Conversations with Daniel Gultsch.