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  • Alles Flex? Call me Intern, City Dragon
    2020-02-08 17:30:00
    Published at 08 February 2020

    Varia would like to invite you to an evening of documentary watching, thoughtful debate and a musical performance!

    On the February we will be screening the documentaries "Alles Flex?" and "Call me Intern", both of which reflect on the devastating consequences caused by the ongoing flexibilization of both housing and work. To further clarify and present these topics, Abel Heijkamp, one of the filmmakers responsible for "Alles Flex?" and member of Bondprecaire Woonvormen, has kindly agreed to be present for a Q&A and conversation.

    The second part of the program will be secured by Sam Kreuk, who will be presenting his solo project, City Dragon.

    Location: Varia, Gouwstraat 3 (Rotterdam)
    Date: Saturday 8th of February
    Time: 17:30 - 21:30
    Entry: Donation

    City Dragon
    City Dragon is the solo project of Max Kaario aka. Sam Kreuk. Using saxophone, recorders, toys and percussion he creates improvised collages and loops. Expect diva vocalization, power ballads, street trance, a collapsing assemblage of garbage rhythms, Celine Dion mesmer mantra's and much more!


    Alles Flex?
    In the documentary ‘Alles Flex?’ (All Flex?) filmmakers Abel Heijkamp (NL) and Julij Borštnik (SI) explore the possible consequences of the current flexibilisation of our life-world. It draws upon the personal accounts of flex workers and flex tenants of different ages and walks of life. What kind of society are we fostering when existential security is no longer a right, but a privilege for those who can afford it?

    ‘Alles Flex?’ is the first episode of a 4 part web documentary series The Future of Work. Filmed in the Netherlands, Slovenija, Germany and Europe.

    Call me Intern
    Young, unemployed and frustrated, Filmmakers David Leo Hyde and Nathalie Berger set out to land an internship so they can examine the system from the inside in an act of millenial gonzo-film making.

    After David accepts an internship at the United Nations, they move into a small blue tent on the Geneva lakefront and begin documenting his unpaid intern experience. Their action sparks a global press storm, challenging their roles as filmmakers.

    Meanwhile, Marisa works for a US presidential election campaign, while fending off harassment from her supervisors. Kyle interns for a fortune-500 company, while living in a New York homeless shelter.

    Each of these interns faces a choice: accept the system the way it is or put their careers on the line to speak out against it. Their actions help give visibility and strength to a growing global intern movement. Their journeys reveal the pressures which lead so many millennials to work for free while pop-culture extracts and testimonies from academics, politicians and employers give us a sense of how wide the internship phenomenon has spread.

    17:30: Doors open
    18:00: Alles Flex + Q&A with filmmaker Abel Heijkamp
    19:45: Break
    20:00: Call Me Intern
    21:15: Break
    21:30: City Dragon