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  • Concert: KRAMP + Bloedneus & de Snuitkever
    2022-07-22 20:30:00
    Published at 18 July 2022

    On Friday, the 22th of July, Varia will once again host an evening of music. This time with KRAMP (who will present his new release on Bergpolder Records) and Bloedneus & De Snuitkever. It's been a while!

    KRAMP is the solo project of Stijn Wybouw, a young artist involved in many visual and musical projects that often overlap and which share an unflinchingly honest approach as well as penchant for crimson hues. As KRAMP, Wybouw assumes a red-faced identity to unleash raw machinations that take on ceremonial underpinnings through coarse compositions, murky drones, and warped vocalizations, all churned through the marshy fuzz of various tape recorders.


    Bloedneus & de Snuitkever is a project by Lukas De Clerck who discovered the aulos a mere couple of years ago. However, it’s increasingly starting to feel like the aulos discovered him. The merging of man and this ancestral reed has hardly seen a more impressive union in modern times, and as Bloedneus & De Snuitkever De Clerck approaches the instrument with a reverential tenacity palpable in his minimalist, sacramental compositions where extended and circular breathing techniques create layered tunes to an unearthly effect. His debut LP on KRAAK will be out before the year’s end!


    Date: Friday 22. July 2022
    Door: 20:30h CET
    Start: 21:00h CET
    Entrance: 5 euro
    Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)