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  • Music: Able Noise, Goldblum and Piyojo
    2019-09-14 20:30:00
    Published at 12 September 2019

    A new season has arrived; time for some fresh concerts at Varia! Kicking of the second half of 2019, we organize an event where three stirring acts will show their craft.

    Able Noise is a baritone guitar/drum duo that is based in The Hague and Athens and consists of Alex and George. They indecisively balance themselves on the border between pop rock and noisy free jazz. With the help of tapes and by employing less consistent ways of playing their instruments, they create a somewhat minimal and rather visual musical performance.


    Piyoji is the monikor of Dutch artist Rik Möhlmann. The music he makes has a distinct, liberating sound, characterized by a modest and direct way of recording musical sessions in which different textures are explored. Sounds appear from left to right, as if hidden behind trees or emerging from rivers. Möhlmann uses his eccentric and inquisitive approach to music to make songs that don't necessarily behave in a narrative way. Instead, his tracks expose themselves like little paintings


    Goldblum is an eye blinding duo from Middelland messing around with flea market cassette tapes and analogue synthesizers. Expect fragments of golden oldies, crippled rhythms and synthesized sounds buried in tape hiss. The duo has cut their teeth in acts like Sweat Tongue and Red Brut.

    • door: 20:30
    • start: 21:00
    • price: 5 euro