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  • Music: Niek Hilkmann, Vulva, Rowan Van As, G. de Singer Songwriter and DJ Wanneer
    2019-11-16 20:00:00
    Published at 16 November 2019

    Another musical night at Varia! Join us on November 16th for an evening full of singers, songwriters, noise and cardboard!

    Niek Hilkmann en de Puls

    "Your empty milk bottle", "Hey, that's strange ... There is a bug in your hair" and "Zaamslag, never again"; those are not just some random words, but songtitles that Niek Hilkmann is considering for his new EP. To commemorate the fact that they will be recording this very soon, he will perform these songs at Varia with his band, De Puls. Expect a colorful succession of unprecedented scoops and perhaps even some old acquaintances.



    Vulva is a twoheaded, feminine beast with a mouth so big that you usually only see it in fairy tales and fables. This doesn’t stop them from visiting Varia however! Expect a lot of noise, some theatrical escapades and an abundance of shouting, We will witness Vulva erupt!


    Rowan van As

    One does not easily describe the life and times of Rowan Van As. This artist-troubadour sings, draws, sculpts and records like there is no tomorrow with the help of an abundance of props and home-made instruments (such as his famous organ mussel). At Varia he will perform some brand new songs for us and warm your heart!


    G. de Singer Songwriter

    Gerard Olthaar is, as his name suggests, a true Singer-Songwriter; a solo musician who knows how to move and amaze an audience with just his guitar and voice. His songs are raw like the paving stones of Rotterdam and his guitar sound is unquestionably unique.


    DJ Wanneer

    No evening of entertainment is complete without a proper DJ and that is why we are very to have DJ Wanneer on the line-up. This individual combines the best of Scheveningen, Rotterdam and Zoeterwoude by playing an eclectic mix of little crooners, dissonant girl bands and overall hysterical music.


    • door: 20:00
    • start: 20:30
    • entry: 5 euro