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  • Radio on the radio
    2020-03-14 19:30:00
    Published at 14 March 2020

    Radio on the radio is a live, intermittent radio program with performances that in one way or another discuss radio. It will feature descriptions of radio tools, unboxing and unpacking of radio hardware, radio silences, interviews about radio, radical radio noise, radio-active female monstrosities, repetitive radio dialing, relaxation on the radio waves and much more radio.

    door: 19:30
    start: 20:00
    entry: 5 euro

    Relaxing on the radio waves - oyo & mmths

    A radio relaxation mixtape performance. A mix of meditative samples and nature with noise and social/political anxieties into an uncanny hypno-magnetic-tape audiopiece. It is performed live with multiple cassette tape players and spacial cassette tape loops spread across the space and modulated by a modular synthesizer.

    Radio-active female monstrosity - Angeliki D.

    Angeliki D.'s research is focused on amplifying female voices. During her performance Radio-active female monstrosity she uses her voice, as well as an online sound archive she built to play, layer and gradually distort into chaos. The female voice becoming the male voice, becoming the monster, the otherworldly voice. The second part of her performance is based on reading a sentence that is continuously transcribed by a speech recognition algorithm. A dialogue between the artist and the software. It explores the female monstrosity through the distortion of the sentence in every iteration by the software.

    [ASMR] Radio Boyfriend - Pradapony69

    Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have your very own ASMR boyfriend, one that talks really soft and only about radio? During this performance by Pradapony69 will send chills down your spine while explaining the difference between long waves and microwaves.

    Listen, Bend & Stretch - Jad Saliba

    Jad investigates the possibilities of re-appropriating analogue radio technologies into the realm of live electronic music, creating malleable sonic artefacts from a topography of broadcasted local radio stations.

    World Wide Web - Dennis de Bel (PD0WNED)

    Radio waves are not constrained by geo-political nor ideological borders. Thus we tried. A close listening of cold war radio interference featuring original vinyl recordings, still being broadcast around the globe today.