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  • Relearn 2021 curved
    2021-07-22 18:00:00
    Published at 22 July 2021

    Relearn is a collective learning experiment with as many teachers as it has participants. It is motivated by the possibility to displace parameters of/for research, studying and learning. Relearn is a summerschool which welcomes persons, artists, students, teachers from all backgrounds and disciplines. Participants will gather to learn from and teach to each other, beyond the traditional paradigms of education. Relearn researches convivial, experimental and deviant methods and means in the fields of design, computing and education, challenging the normal roles and separations in them (teacher/student, developer/user, art/lifeā€¦).

    We propose a focus on the materialities of the everyday. With this in mind we want to apply materialism as a methodology to different topics and places, tracing/mapping the roots of things, substances and material agencies that run through us in the everyday. We want to engage with modes of doing that deviate from the predominant Western mode of distancing the human from the material world. Some examples of directions in which we can go are: tracing the routes of the food we eat, the material aspects of internet infrastructure, ecological impact of daily choices and their relationship to systemic causes.

    In practice, it is an intensive IRL three day collective learning experiment with as many teachers as participants from all backgrounds and disciplines to learn from-and-teach each other, beyond the traditional paradigms of education from an interest in free culture and practices of care. There is no timetable or structure before hand, it will be defined by us together. Everyday different tracks (research vectors) will drive the conversation/work in different self-organised groups, which will reconvene at the end of each day to share and discuss the process (there is no expected outcome). As a result a printed publication will contain the documentation produced during the Relearn.

    We invite you to apply by sending a short motivation text to relearn2021@riseup.net in which you can explain more about why a particular topic interests you, and how do you imagine we could engage with it as a group throughout the 3 days of Relearn. There is no admission cost. The deadline for submissions is the 30th of June. We also encourage you to share thoughts, ideas, references and images to our Relearn 2021 anarchive. Find out more on the website.