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  • Extratonal Infrastructure #3: Mik Quantius, Parasnol & Ruisvogel
    2023-03-17 20:30:00
    Published at 17 March 2023

    Date: Friday, 17 March 2023
    Door: 20:00h CET
    Start: 20:30h CET
    Entrance: 5 euro
    Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

    Extratonality comes in many consistencies; some clear and fresh as a bottle of spring water, others hazy and thick as mud. The third edition of Extratonal Infrastructure is dedicated to these parameters, with performances by Mik Quantius, Parasnol and Ruisvogel. Everyone is welcome on the 17th of March!

    Mik Quantius (DE) is a veteran of the noise, kraut and metalscene in more ways than one. He speaks in tongues, wrestles with keyboards and has one of the loudest handclaps you'll ever hear. During his eventfull life he released records with bands such as Embryo, Frankenstein's Ballet and Fuji. Lately he's been kicking out the jams on labels such as Het Generiek and Artsy Records, with no plans to stop anytime soon.


    Parasnol (NL) has a noise set that sounds like a scene from a movie in which everything gets blown up. All that remains is a persistent ringing in your ears. We'll warn the neighbors, but it might be good to bring your own earplugs.


    Ruisvogel (NL) is the ambient solo project of Rotterdam based guitarist/vocalist Daanie van den IJssel (Neighbours Burning Neighbours, Volca Nova). They create compelling noisy drones and experimental lush soundscapes using DIY tapeloops, old tascams, walkmans, synthesizers and samples.


    This event is made possible with the support of Popunie Rotterdam.