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  • Extratonal Infrastructure #5: Conjunto Media Luna, Kauê Werner, Mitze Apocalipze & Chucho Vinilo and AnikaTheAbsurd x Vitrinekast Soundsystem
    2023-05-27 20:00:00
    Published at 27 May 2023

    Date: Saturday, 27 May 2023
    Door: 20:00h CET
    Start: 20:30h CET
    Entrance: 5 euro
    Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

    Extratonality not only transcends disciplines, but also understanding. The May edition of Extratonal Infrastructure is dedicated to the unknown and the elusive. With a program consisting of Colombian Cumbia and cutting edge experimentation this edition will prove to be another step towards extratonal synergy.

    Conjunto Media Luna is a cumbia band from Bogotá that started meeting during pandemic afternoons to play in secret rehearsals that often turned into clandestine parties. Lead by Iván Medellín (Romperayo, La Sonora Mazurén), Conjunto Media Luna shows the evolution of the cumbia tradition in the midst of the grayish Colombian capital, mixing sabanero sounds with contemporary urban subcultures such as doom, Sonideros and low rider cumbias. At Varia Iván will perform a Live Solo Set focusing on synthesizers and drum machines, blending them with his accordion like pouring gasoline on a lit dance floor.


    Kauê Werner is an auditory perception technical explorer and activist who in the last decade has been experimenting both in the digital and analog spaces of sound, most of the time, building wormholes in between. His main projects, ATMOSFET and Sintodrama (duo with Filipe Maliska), involve multigenre experimental electronic (sometimes acoustically flavored) music, using modular synthesis, DIY circuits, algorithmic composition, sound coding, virtual reality as well as sonification of odor molecules.

    https: //sintodrama.bandcamp.com/album/odo

    Mitze Apocalipze & Chucho Vinilo are two DJ's from Cinema Colombiano Radio (live every Wednesday at 4pm CET on Radio WORM) that will bring Cumbia to Charlois. Part vinyl, part digital, let's see what works!


    AnikaTheAbsurd x Vitrinekast Soundsystem (elevator dings) Oh, I’m really worried I’m gonna say it. No. Ah. No man. You- You’re fine. We have to come from a position of strength. I’m good, I’m good. Just put it out of your mind. It is. I’m good. Hello. Hi. We are here to see Mr. David Wallace. I believe we’re expected. (door opens) Well, well, well...

    This event is made possible with the support of Popunie Rotterdam.